Maxidor Products

All of our products are made to combine strength, design and function. They are all custom-made to suit your individual needs. Ensuring your maximum security.

Maxidor Ultra

Our top of the range expandable barrier product

The Maxidor Ultra security barrier with its double slam locks, strong connecting components and rugged construction provides maximum security and peace of mind.

Unlike many security gates, Maxidor’s expandable security doors are functionally built. Making sure that you can act quickly in an emergency situation by providing a barrier between you and potential threats.

Every product is custom-made to order according to customer needs.

Maxi-Grill Ultra

Our top of the range Burglar Bars

The Maxidor Maxi-Grill is burglar proofing designed to fit neatly inside the space of any regular window or opening.

Our burglar bars were designed considering the weaknesses in standard window burglar bars. Therefore, Maxi-Grill burglar bars have additional features to prevent tampering.

Maxi-Shutter Classic

The Maxi-Shutter Classic – An attractive way to secure your residential, commercial and industrial premises

The Maxi-Shutter steel roller shutter offers an attractive way to secure all premises. This product can either be manual or motorised.

Maxi-Gate Ultra

Our top of the range Swing Gate

The Maxi-Gate is a strong welded steel swing security gate. The high-quality finish ensures years of wear and protection.

Our swing gate features a high–security lock. The lock box has a bubble like design to protect the cylinder. Should the cylinder be removed when the gate is in the locked position, the mechanism will not be accessible, and the gate will remain locked.


Custom-made perimeter fencing solutions to secure any property from the outside in

Maxi-Fence is ideal for applications requiring maximum security without sacrificing design and aesthetic appeal.

This product is suitable for all commercial, industrial and infrastructure developments.

Maxi-Fence has a number of residential applications; other than using it as a perimeter fence it can be used to secure balconies, balustrades on staircases, swimming pools, or even inside the roof to prevent entry.

Maxi-View Armed Bars

Transparent Burglar Bars that allow you to keep your view!

Maxi-View Armed Bars are now available at the best PRICE!

Only R1350/sqm

Maxidor offers a transparent Burglar Bar with an integrated alarm sensor. Maxi-View Ultra Armed Bars can be connected to any alarm system and offers a 24/7 security deterrent.

The Maxi-View Ultra offers 24/7 protection as well as an attractive see-through design.

Maxi-View Ultra can only be installed by one of our trained Certified Armed Bar Installers.